© Amy Burback

Student Achievement

The Bridge to Excellence provides a voice and vision of what the community desires of its schools. The World’s Best Workforce and our own Student Results Policy provide measures of success that help us to determine if we are meeting the goals of the community’s strategic plan.

How I work as a board member to determine what is required for student success is based on a balance of what our students, families, and communities desire, and what the State and Federal authorities require. I bring my own experiences, judgement, a disposition to fairness, my intellect, a capacity to work together with the administration and fellow board members, and a capacity to reach out and work with families and community members.

I will continue to work toward maximizing our potential for student achievement for ALL students by:

  • Creating conditions for continuous growth
  • Supporting systems that provided reliable measurement of Student Results
  • A focus on Whole Child Development, including support for the social, emotional needs of our students
  • Validate all viable pathways to future success in education and career, including diverse post-secondary options: vocational, technical, traditional, trade, as well as military service.
  • Continue to provide a comprehensive program meeting all students’ passions through opportunities both in and outside the classroom in the areas of Arts – Academics – Athletics.