My commitment is to pursue vigorously, the promises of the Bridge to Excellence. I have demonstrated that I can make tough decisions that ensure kids in every community will have access to equitable opportunities, programming, and highly qualified staff.

After 5 leadership changes in 10 years, a transparent, fully involved process to select our current superintendent resulted in a unanimous vote by the board. Any indication that it is time to "clean house" is an immediate and direct threat to future student learning.

My Commitment

Legacy of Excellence


Student learning and achievement are tied to stable systems. Stable finances, stable programming and supports, stable leadership. With Stable systems in place, teachers are able to focus on the personalized learning outcomes of all students.

Future Oriented. Student Focused.


The tradition of excellence in Stillwater schools is tied directly to our commitment to a comprehensive E-21 program that emphasizes a balanced and inclusive curriculum of Arts - Academics - Athletics.

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